Close on the heels of Brexit, we now hear of a Celexit. What is it? 

The residents of the state of California are talking of an exit from the United States of America. There have been talks on this issue before, but with the Donald Trump Presidency having become a fact, people are taking the Cal-Exit more seriously. Yes California, is the rganisation pushing for an exit of the state from USA. They have published a book on how the process can be started and seen through till the end, and also what life in independent California would be like.

After Donald Trump won the US Presidential election, more people have come forward and have expressed their intent to fund this campaign. It is noteworthy that the economy of California is large enough to sustain after an exit from the USA. What’s more, California is not the only state that wants to secede, Texas is another one that doesn’t really care about being a part of the USA and t here is a #Texit campaign too!

Interestingly, Yes California is not talking of a complete breakaway. They still want to be able to use the US Dollar as their currency. Louis Marinelli, the President of Yes California, said “We’re talking about California being recognized as a nation within a nation, like Scotland in the United Kingdom. We feel California is more than just a state.”

With the recent push their cause has received, it does seem that the dream of #Calexit might just turn into a reality in a couple of years!

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