We Indians have a tendency to give cash/shagun instead of gifts, at every possible occasion. But isn’t that so impersonal? People are not likely to remember the amount of cash you gave on a special occasion. But a thoughtfully chosen gift might remain etched in the recipients memory for long. The birth of a baby is one of the happiest occasions in a woman’s life. This is the time when a woman needs and deserves a lot of caring and love. In spite of the happiness that her new baby brings, post-partem depression might leave a woman high and dry. Thankfully you can try to cheer her up with a great gift for herself and her new baby. Here are some great and practical gift ideas for the new mom and her baby.

Gift Ideas For The New Mom

* Relaxation gifts like pamper bath baskets in lavender or rose. * A collection of aromatic candles. * An appointment at a luxury spa. * Gourmet chocolates and cookies to ward off those blues. * A DVD on fitness for New Moms. * A nursing shawl/ nightdress. * A digital camera to catch all those first moments. * A DVD set of the hit comedy series Friends, or any other that she might enjoy. * A baby-printed shoulder bag, to carry diapers, milk bottle, pacifier etc when she ventures out of the home with her baby. * A dinner reservation for the new parents at a fancy restaurant along with an offer to take care of the baby at home. * The best gift for a new mom (who is suddenly saddled with a lot of responsibility) is heartfelt care and attention. So offer to chip in and help her through the first few months of motherhood.

Gift Ideas For The New Baby

* A hamper of baby oil, soap, shampoo, cream and talc. * A collection of small and cuddly soft toys. * Teether /pacifier/pacifier holder set. * A pram or baby carrier. * A crib/jhoola for the baby. * Decoration for the crib like hanging stars, chimes etc. * A baby blanket + baby pillows. * Bath and bed linen for the baby. * Baby album/record book. * A savings account opened in the baby’s name. You can make regular investments for the baby. *You could also invest money in one-time options like an NSC or a KVP in the baby’s name.

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