Just happened to see a delightful coming of age movie called “Udaan”. It did work for me. Made by the same talented group who made “DevD” Udaan makes a statement. Void of any gloss and make up the movie shows the growing up of a 17 year old boy in a small town – Jamshedpur and how he deals with a cold and almost heartless father.

For the first time, the movie did not deal with the boy’s fantasies about the opposite sex and how boys want to score it big with girls. It rather dealt with real issues and the discomfort that a teenager feels when his parent is uncommunicative, obtrusive and demanding. Also who won’t empathise with how he finds comfort with his friends. The scenes where the boys find solace in the local pub and pick up a fight at the bar made for some good watching.

The movie strikes a chord with anybody who has been a teen and when the boy finally breaks free from his father’s clutches the audience actually clapped. The performances were sincere and heartfelt and Ronit Roy as the father particularly stood out. The other good thing about the movie was its dialogs and the cleverly structured scenes.

We definitely need more movies like Udaan that for one strike a chord with the audience and at the same time are not rosy and feel good like the usual Masala movies. The other movie to look forward to this weekend is this seemingly humorous film “Tere Bin Laden”. But we would comment on it only after seeing it.
Bollywood is slowly waking up to the real cinema that people have now begun to enjoy. Meanwhile to the team of DevD and Udaan – Guys, take a bow!!

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