More and more young women in Indian cities are now supporting live-in relationships. Some people might ask what is the benefit of living with someone if you have no legal rights. It is a pertinent question, no doubt. But here is the answer!

Benefits of Living Together Before Marriage

1. You get to know the real him! The stark reality that a couple wakes up to after honeymoon phase – you get to see it before even getting married. Nobody can pretend to be nice 24/7 – so if he is pretending to be charming and nice, living with him will show you his true colours.

2. You are not bound to him legally. This means it is a relationship that is easy to get out of. If you get married, walking out becomes such a big deal that it is very hard to take the leap.

3. There are no pesky relatives to bother you. This is the most fun part – no sasural or in laws to bother you!

These 3 reasons make live-in a very attractive proposition for women. Do you agree that people should try and live together for a year before taking their commitment to the next level?

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Lavanya Mehra


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