If you live in an apartment, having a few plants is the best addition you will ever make to your home. People who live in traditional independent houses usually have a little green spot where they plant herbs and other little plants or flowers. But it is difficult for people who live in apartments to have a green patch. This is why you should get a few houseplants.

Benefits of Having Plants in Your Home

1. Plants purify the air in your home. It has been proven that plants rid air of toxic fumes and vapors in a closed environment. 

2. If you have plants like Rosemary, Mint, Coriander, Thyme etc, you have a never-ending supply of herbs for your food!

3. Plants provide Oxygen for you to breathe during the day. Most plants give out Carbon Dioxide in the night, so they should not be kept in bedrooms. But plants like Orchids give out Oxygen in night also!

4. Plants elevate the aesthetic look of your home and are a great sight for sore eyes!

5. Looking after your plants can be an engaging hobby that relieves stress too.

If you are convinced, go buy some plants right away!

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