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Is there an instant way to become attractive? I can hear you say “Naah”! After all, can you lose 5 pounds in an hour? Or glow with an angel like face within minutes? Sure, you can’t become taller instantly! Nor can you turn your rough “jhadu-like” hair into a beautiful mane in seconds. So how can one become attractive instantly?

5 Ways to Instant attraction

Smile: A warm smile can achieve what an hourglass figure can’t. Yes, most men notice the body before they check out your face. But if you wear an angelic smile, their eyes will probably not leave your face very soon. Also, a smiling face makes you appear more approachable. Most of the time guys do not approach women only because they look intimidating or standoffish. A smile says that you are happy and confident. That is usually the kind of woman guys are looking for.

Show Off Your Best Feature: You have heard this many times, and it still holds true. You must have at least one physical feature that you are proud of. Show it off to perfection. If you have a beautiful neck, wear a deep necked dress to show it off. Beautiful eyes/lips can be highlighted with make up.

Accessorize: Wear a wide belt to bring in your waistline or high heels to show off those legs. A beautiful necklace can bring attention to your slender neck just like a bracelet can show off your lovely wrists. Accessories can be used to highlight your feminine side and beauty.

Body Language: When a man looks at you, he judges you on the basis of your looks and body language. You have not yet had a chance to impress him with intelligent conversation. So make sure your body language doesn’t let you down. Slouching is a bad idea, because it says that you don’t care for yourself. Stand tall, sit up straight, do everything that exudes confidence and self assurance.

Encourage: If you see a guy at a party and would like to know him better, you’ve got to give him some encouragement. So don’t avoid his eyes. Instead, try to establish eye contact. Smile at him. If he comes over and talks to you, be at your amiable best. If you still want to know him better, laugh at his silly jokes! Yeah, it may be difficult, but this is the best encouragement to a guy.

Please don’t waste your time thinking that all guys are looking for a beauty queen. Men like beauty queens, and perhaps fantasize about them too. But they are not necessarily looking for one. There will be many guys out there who find you really adorable. Try to get to know them. Give them a chance, give yourself a chance…that is what makes you attractive!

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