The decline in cases in the country is slow; a warning amid the looming third wave of the pandemic, the government said on Friday.

As the possibility of the third COVID-19 wave looms large, scientists and health experts across the country alerted people to maintain COVID-19 appropriate behavior for the next 125 crucial days to minimize the effect. Alerts have been protracted from overcrowded public places to religious conglomerations which experts are saying can be the obvious possible epicenter, if not restricted at the moment.

While stating the next 125 days to be crucial, the Union health ministry has observed that fall in cases has slowed down which should be treated as a warning sign. Moreover, commenting on the country’s vaccination program, Dr VK Paul, Member of NITI Aayog has said that country has not grasped the stage of herd imperviousness yet, but added that it does not want to acquire herd immunity through contaminations either.

As governments across the country are easing lockdown constraints for over two months now, the residents have been seen disobeying COVID rules. Such flocking, despite recurrent warnings of a forthcoming third wave, is a sign of mental lethargy developed due to restrictions, besides seething economic distress across public.

India recorded 41,157 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours, taking the daily positivity rate to 2.13 per cent, the Union Health Ministry informed on Sunday. Well, we all should be prepared and start taking precautions to survive the third wave of COVID-19 that will hit us very soon.

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