There are many benefits of making small talk. It helps in opening a positive interaction with someone, improving relationships and bonding with someone you don’t know very well. But often people feel very uncomfortable in making small talk. These are people who are used to talking freely and frankly with people they are close to; and when it comes to people they are not so close to, they are left speechless. This is where the art of making small talk comes in. 

How To Make Small Talk

Start with a smile. A smile is the easiest way to getting to know anyone. It exudes warmth and is an opener for making small talk. Follow up your smile with eye contact. Making eye contact shows that you are interested in a person and you want to know what she thinks or says.

The weather reamins best opener to date. A little harmless comment on the weather is the best way to initiate small talk. Another great way to start small talk is to give a compliment. Asking for help or asking for some information is another great way to initiate small talk.

Nodding your head, asking questions, raising your eyebrows etc are great ways of showing interest and encouraging small talk. 


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