Hello memsaabs! You must have heard of the term Emotional Blackmail before. In fact, you might even have used it to get your way out!

Emotional Blackmail is the most common weapon used by women. And it’s the mightiest too, mightier than the pen and of course the sword! That’s because it hits a person directly in the head. No physical injuries are caused. Yet, it leaves the deepest impact on the person!

And the best part… it is not (yet) a criminal offence! You can blackmail anyone emotionally, without raising an alarm. But it works best only when it is done in a subtle manner; when the other person doesn’t realise that he or she is falling prey to the blackmail!

It’s a nasty world out there… so, why not use this weapon to your advantage? Especially when you are naturally gifted with this art!

But hey… be careful! Don’t stretch it to an extent that it starts hurting someone personally… unless, of course it is a personal issue you are dealing with!

While you use this art to turn things your way, you also need to put your guards up against this weapon on you!

Look for signs where you feel you are being emotionally forced to give in. Is someone threatening to harm herself/ himself? Is someone pretending to be depressed for no particular reason?

Never believe things that a person says about you in a humiliating manner. The person might simply be trying to blackmail you into doing things her/his way!

Whether you are the blackmailer or the victim, in both cases you need to know this art well… to either use it or avert it!

All the best!

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