When you hear “chemistry”, what do you immediately think of? Mills and Boons? Never ending passion? We are all so much in love with the idea of sizzling chemistry in relationships. Don’t you just love the beginning part of a relationship, when everything is so new and so incredibly hot? It is a time when a couple just can’t stay away from each other. A simple look can send one in a tizzy and a little touch can be orgasmic! Everyone loves this part, Right?

But what happens after the newness fades away? Do you still share this incredible chemistry, or has it fizzled out? Sizzle to Fizzle is a very common phenomenon. But it’s not altogether a bad one. This just means that you have taken your relationship to another level, which is above the “pure physical lust” level. In fact, psychologists say that “physical chemistry” is not the only chemistry between couples. Surprised? Read on to learn more about the others…

Types Of “Chemistry”

Physical Chemistry: This requires no explanation. It’s the purest form of instant physical attraction. It may not last forever, but it’s great while it lasts! Yet, it may often leave people wanting “something more” in their relationships after a period of time.

Opposites Attract Chemistry: Ever noticed that people are often attracted to their opposites? You see so many nerds parading around with hot models that you wonder if the world makes any sense any more. But it does. Men and women look for completion in relationships. We look for people who complement us. So you will often see a complete loner getting all cozy with the most outgoing person you know. That’s the “opposites attract” kind of chemistry at work!

Common Interests Chemistry: People who use online dating networks find themselves looking for someone with matching interests. That’s because shared interests make it easy to spend time together. So if your partner shares your interests, you can expect to have loads of fun and excitement together. This lays the foundation for a long lasting relationship.

Makes Me Laugh Chemistry: So many women veer towards funny guys who make them laugh. The same hold true for guys also, once they are past the B&A thing. After all, who doesn’t like to have a good time? A witty partner, who can make you laugh in the most miserable conditions, is like a dream come true. If you find one, hold on to him/her.

Be Myself Chemistry: Have you ever been in a relationship where you never had to pretend? Just imagine, never having to lie about stuff or hide things about yourself. Sounds cool, Right? This is the kind of chemistry where you are completely honest and yet click. This is a great basis for a long term relationship where both the partners can be themselves without the fear of being judged.

Often, people are under the impression that sexual chemistry and fireworks are a prerequisite for a relationship. But the fact is that sexual chemistry can be built up with new ideas and experimentation. On the other hand, if sexual chemistry is all you’ve got, you may find yourself getting bored after a while. So don’t you think now that sexual chemistry is a little over rated?

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