When Ritesh broke up with Ritika, she actually believed that he was joking! It took Ritesh over an hour to explain to his girlfriend that he was indeed dumping her. This is what they call “being taken by surprise”. Ritika was taken by surprise because she wasn’t paying attention when the warning signals flashed at her. She was too much in love with the idea of love, and ignored the realities of their relationship. Surely you would never want to be in Ritika’s shoes? Maybe it’s time to see where your relationship is headed, success or failure?

5 Ways To Know If He’s Gonna Dump You

1. He has no time for you! If he appears too busy to call you, meet you or talk to you, it’s okay sometimes. But if this has become the sad everyday story of your life, you have a problem coming up, girl!

2. You are always the one to call. Doesn’t it make you think if he really ever thinks of you? If he does, why won’t he pick up the phone and dial?

3. There’s no loving anymore. Remember how he always tried to steal kisses when you started dating? If all you get now is a quick peck on the cheek, that’s a wake up call for sure!

4. You never see him alone. If friends or family are always present when you see him, you must realize that he is probably trying to avoid having any intimate conversations and moments with you.

5. You feel he is cheating. As illogical and unreasonable as that might be, if you have a feeling, you must get to the source of it. Women are armed with a great sense of intuition and usually we can sense such things correctly.

If 4 or 5 of these pointers apply in your case, it’s time to have a real conversation with your partner and try to find out what he is really thinking. Good Luck!




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