Love is in the air! After all it is the most romantic time of the year – the Valentine’s week. Most young girls and guys are busy celebrating Rose day, Teddy day, and a lot of other days we never celebrated when we were kids! But a lot of women are also in for disappointment in their love lives simply because they are expecting things that their partner just can’t give! This happens when e don’t know enough about the person we are dating. One such group of women is those who are dating gymmers or body builders. This is a class of guys who are tough on the outside, but tender on the inside. They crave love and adore their women, but they are not easy to date. Here are a few things to remember if you are dating a bodybuilder.

Tips For Dating A Bodybuilder

1. Don’t expect a regular date night of pizza, beer and ice cream. These guys are very strict about what they eat and when they eat. Regular just won’t do for them!

2. Don’t ever ask him to skip a workout. For one, he won’t. Secondly, being refused will make you angry and disappointed. So what’s the point? It’s just what they do!

3. Join him for a workout. HE will often ask you to. If you say yes, you will make him very happy. It is the most fun thing to do together, at least in his eyes!

4. Don’t judge him for flexing into every mirror everywhere! They just like to check out their progress at every possible opportunity, so live with it!

5. Feed them! They are hungry very often and have good appetites. So rustle up a good nourishing meal full of protein and veggies for them, and they will be so grateful!

6. Never ask him to choose between you and the gym. He has already chosen his lifestyle as a bodybuilder. Don’t put him into this awful position because the result will make both of you very unhappy.

7. Don’t get jealous. They have great bodies and many opportunities to cheat on you. But this comes with the package. Jealousy will only destroy your relationship.

8. Be supportive of him and his lifestyle. Plan your dates and activities in such a way that he doesn’t have to choose.

This is a lot to ask for, for most women! But if you really love this guy and he’s into gymming very seriously, these tips will help you.

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