We all know that one couple who keep breaking up and getting back together. Some of us are ‘that’ couple! If you are in one of such ‘on again – off again’ relationships, you know how messy and painful they can get. What’s even more painful is the plethora of well-meaning advice you get from all and sundry. Everyone thinks it is their duty to give you the wise advice about how toxic such relationsips are. But are they really?

It is true that on-off relationships are tough. They take a lot of hardwork and are really painful every time you break up. They are mentally and emotionally exhausting. You could even get depressed sometimes. But like every other cloud, this one has a silver lining too. There is another way of looking at such relationships.

If you keep getting back together – there surely is something between you that you can’t find with anyone else! Isn’t that so romantic and special?

If you are getting back again and again, it shows your commitment to each other (in a way). It shows you are working hard at making it work!

If you keep getting back together, it means you don’t start back at scratch every time. You have already crossed a few barriers, know a lot about each other already.

If you keep getting back together, you have already seen the worst of each other and are not getting into a relationship with rose tinted glasses!

What all these things mean is that your chances of making it work keep improving every time you get back together! The only thing that matters is why you get back together. The only reason why you should be doing it is because you really want to be together. If this is the case, nothing else matters. Don’t let your well-meaning friends tell you otherwise!

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Lavanya Mehra


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