Aamir and Salman – These two superstars are bonding big time and it is no secret that they lend moral suport to each other by talking good about each other and by spreading the good word about each other’s movies. So it comes as no surprise when its being talked about that the two superstars will sit next to each other in an episode of “Koffee with Karan” What say, Karan, Some Coup Eh? Karan on his part his close friendship with Shahrukh Khan notwithstanding is leaving no stones unturned to ensure that his show gets the maximum TRPs in this Season. Karan has been seen with Aamir many a times and both have publicly expressed how they would like to work with each other. With Aamir & Salman’s combined interview the show is sure to get a good number of people watching it. Now what remains to be seen is how does SRK react to this. Considering his long time friendship with Karan, would’nt SRK be disappointed that his best friend cum producer cum director is searching for greener pastures while the going is good. There are talks of other celebrities too slated to appear on this show such as Akshay Khiladi Kumar andt his beautiful wife Twinkle. We at Memssab.com wish Karan all the best for the third season of his rather talkative show.

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