In this era of technology, using phone is very general. You might not think of your mobile phone as a great health-boosting device, but if used decorously, it can help you stave off illness and stay fit and active.

Here, we’ll show you how your phone can help you avoid being one of the unfortunate ones.

>Monitor your activity: Your phone can locate your basic activity levels using its in-built sensors. Your phone will wonderfully double as a pedometer, keeping count of how many steps you’ve taken in a day. These apps can also record more strenuous activities, like running and cycling. By logging your details and seeing your improvement, you’ll have an extra incentive to get – and stay – active.

>Set reminders and goals: Many mobile apps can give you a nudge when it’s time to exercise. Google’s Calendar app now includes the ability to set goals, like ‘Go swimming twice a week’. Set one, and it’ll suggest times for you to do said activity. That way, you’ve no excuses for being lazy.

>Keep tabs on your heart rate: Various apps can also turn your phone into a heart rate monitor, and without the need for uncomfortable chest straps.

>Become more aware of your moods: Wellness apps in your phone allow you to monitor your moods, how they change, and pin down any factors that make you either happy or sad. That way, you can enjoy more of what lifts your mood, and less of what doesn’t.

>Eat better: Our phones can also help us eat healthier. Apps like Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker are abounding with nutritional information so you can make the healthier choice when it comes to meal times and snacking.

So, use your phone wisely to get in shape and healthy.


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