Social media has been a daily partner to many people across the globe. Computers and modern expertise are taking up a lot of teens’ time. While there are some perks to technology, there are also some negative things associated with it.

Well, here below we have 5 tips that you can share with your teenager before they go on social media.

>Guide to use different usernames and passwords: Many teens use an identical username and password for all of their sites which is not a good idea. Guide your teens to use different IDs and passwords while logging into different social media sites to have maximum protection.

>Do not post things when you’re angry: It is certainly not a good idea to post anything when you’re emotional. Take some time to clear your head before you deal with the situation. This will help you chorus from saying something that you later regret.

>Speak kindly: It may look like a screen in front of you when you post on social media, but there’s another person on the receiving end. So, to avoid any damage to the social life, post/speak kindly to evoke any conversations on social media.

>Don’t give out personal and confidential information online: Social media is also full of fraudulence. Never share your full name, home address, phone number, Social Security number, passwords, names of family members, or credit card numbers on social media, so to avoid getting hacked.

>To be emotionally ready for social media: It’s usual to feel left out, jealous, or insecure when you see your friends on social media sites getting cozy and having fun outdoors. But if you reside on these negative feelings you are not emotionally ready to be on social media. So, teach your teenagers to be emotionally ready and strong.

So, above few tips can be shared with your teenager while they go on social media platforms.


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