If you can’t hold on to your relationships, you might be making a few simple mistkes that most women do. Simple things that we women are programmed to do irritate our men so much that it is kind of inconceivable for us! What are these things?

– Arguing all the time. If you hate everything about him, why did you even get into this relationship? It’s that simple! Stop trying to find faults, make time for love.

– Putting him down in front of his family and friends. No man likes to be emasculated like this and if this is how you behave, you won’t be able to keep a man for long!

– Giving him the silent treatment. He would really prefer a full blown fight to the silent treatment. So if something is wrong, just out with it!

– Forever talking about your weight. Again, if it bothers you so much, do something about it. Stop saying “I’m so fat” in the hope that he will tell you that you’re not. It’s ok once, but to do it every day?

– Not letting him play. Men love their toys and games. If he enjoys spending time with his PS, don’t make jokes about it even if you find it childish.

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