You only get one lifetime to enjoy and it is important that you enjoy to your fullest. Everyone has some dreams to explore and it is important that before we die we make sure that we have lived all our dreams. Are you an adventure loving person? Well, even if you are not, there are certain things you should do in your lifetime to feel fulfilled when you die?

Here are things everyone must do in their lifetime:

Hiking a mountain: It might seem normal but there’s just something about when you finally make it to the top of a mountain after what feels like a lifetime of trekking uphill and you can just stand there and try to catch your breath. The feeling of accomplishment is very high when you climb a top of a mountain.

Falling in love: If you do not fall in love in your lifetime than your life is just a waste. Everyone deserves to feel that rush at least once in their lives. The feeling of being in love itself is an accomplishment that you can reserve for your lifetime.

Travel all around the world: Another thing that you can do in your lifetime is to travel the whole world and enjoy the real beauty of our planet Earth. Travelling itself is so revealing that when you will travel the whole world you will feel the real existence of human life.

Learn a new language: Try to learn a new language in your lifetime. It really is hard to know a totally different foreign language but learning it will make you feel knowledgeable and self-accomplished.

Run a marathon: In your lifetime try to run a marathon and feel the lift in your shoes. Training and completing a marathon will not only develop you in your physical strength and endurance, but also your mental persistence, will, and attitude.

So, above are the 5 things everyone must do in their lifetime.

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