Life is not a bed of roses, and anyone who’s aged more than 10 knows it! Life is full of stones and pebbles, mixed in with a few petals of roses every now and then. Modern life, especially, is sto stressful that we forget to smile or laugh for days without realising it. We worry so much about all the big things in life, that we forget to enjoy the little pleasures of life. Here’s reminding you…

5 Things That Will Make You Happy

1. Eat your favorite ice cream in the lawn on a Sunday afternoon, and relish every spoonful.

2. Go for a walk in the early morning sun. Pay attention to the birds and the trees.

3. Lie down under the stars on a dark night. Many children have never seen an actual star!

4. Enjoy a warm and relaxing bubble bath on a Sunday afternoon or Friday evening.

5. Cheer up your room with fresh real flowers that look pretty and smell wonderful too!

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