Financial independence has given the modern Indian woman a lot of self respect and a better social status. But it has also had a negative effect on the family structure in our society. These days, young women don’t think positively about living with their parents-in-law. We don’t think twice about answering back our parents-in-law or being rude to them…because we are not inerior to them in any way. Yes, that’s correct.

But if you look at it from a different perspective, there are great benefits to be reaped from having a healthy and loving relationship with your parents-in-law. Don’t believe it? Read on…

1. Getting along with your saas-sasur means that you can go away to work everyday without worrying about daycare for your kids. The great Indian family system is so beautiful that grand parents love taking care of grand children.

2. If you show love and respect to your saasu-maa, ypou get it all back in full measure. For the more practical women, this translates into getting a big helping hand with the household chores and cooking. Still complaining?

3. If you live with your parents-in-law, it automatically means that you can go out of the city for a few days (to see your parents or on a business trip) without worrying about who will cook for your husband and children!

4. You have an older and experienced friend at home if you are nice to your mum-in-law. You can share your worries about hubby’s drinking or not giving you time etc. Usually we avoid discussing such things with outsiders, but if you have a friend at home you can share everything you feel.

5. Last but not the least, your MIL is the person who shapes the public opinion about you. How you are perceived by the neighbours and the relatives is influenced and decided by your MIL. If you want poeple to like and respect you, try to win that from your MIL first!

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Lavanya Mehra


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