Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram have become so popular in our country that it is common to see eeveryone glued to their phones these days. Most people are spending a few hours every day on social media – chatting on Whatsapp, looking at pictures on Instagram etc. Though some people say that this has made the world more connected, it is not entirely true! There are so many reasons why being hooked to social media is not a good thing for anyone.

5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Social Media

1. Your friends will be REAL – You may have a 1000 friends on FB, but how many of them are really your friends? How many people can you call in the middle of the night if something is bothering you? Quit social media and your real friends will still find a way to keep in touch.

2. Social Media is not good for your HEALTH – Being hooked to your phone or laptop is not a very healthy habit. Most people today have desk jobs that keep them glued to a screen. Do you really need to be glued to oter screens when you are off work? This habit keeps you sedentary, if back for your neck & back, and affects your health in other ways. 

3. You don’t really need the PRESSURE – When you look at amazing pictures of an exotic holiday your friend just posted, do you feel just a little bit envious? If your children look at these pictures and want to go on a similar vacay, do you feel the pressure? Nobody really needs the pressure to compete on social media!

4. There are other things you could do with your TIME – Time is precious. Your free time is also very precious. Instead of poring into a screen, you could spend it doing many other more productive things. You could spend this time bonding with your family over a board game! You could learn a new skill like a new language, or cultivate a new hobby. There are many things to do that can improve your personality and make your life more interesting.

5. You shoud live in the moment FREELY – People who are obsessed with FB and the Gram are definitely not free. They work hard to capture every moment so they can post it to their pages for people to see. So instead of enjoying the beauty of nature when visiting a lovely spot, they will spend their time getting perfect pictures with perfect pouts etc. This is not FREEDOM.

Quit social media for 2 weeks and you will find yourself with a lot of free time to spend with real friends and family, to learn new skills and enjoy life.

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