Dogs are great companions to humans. Dogs are loving animals that have positive effects on childhood and overall development of kids. Have you ever wished to get a pet dog at your home? Well, here below we have 5 reasons why everyone should have a dog as a pet.

> Dogs Are an Enthusiastic Friend: A dog’s camaraderie will prevent your kids from depression and loneliness. Dogs are always there as an ever-willing play-buddy when your kids needs them.

> Dogs Teach Responsibility: You do not want to continually walk the dog, groom it, and feed it? Well, do not worry, your kids will do that for you. Dogs instill kids all about responsibility and how hard, but necessary it is to care for another living thing.

> Helps to Maintain Good Health: Dog possession is linked to good health. Dogs love to play, chase, and run. Your kids can participate with their dog in such activities. Kids can also exercise motor skills by feeding and grooming their dog. Thus, a dog can inspire physical activity in kids.

> Defends Kids: A dog will stays by the side of your kid to protect when you are not nearby. It can protect your kid against bullying children and prevent your kid from getting involved in a fierce scuffle with other kids.

> Promotes Emotional Development: A pet dog can nurture your kids emotionally. A cute and playful dog always elevates the mood of your kids and improve and develop emotional balance in their mind.

So, above are the reasons why you should get a dog immediately.

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