In today’s pacing world, everything seems replaceable. Some jobs are awful, others don’t pay enough. Then there are jobs that might be okay, and might even make for a good career, except for the datum that they’re not going to be there in the future. There are various jobs which probably will diminish in the coming future.

Here below we list down 5 professions that will soon be dead.

>Journalists: Since newspaper audience has fallen ominously in recent years, and broadcast news channels’ audiences have shrunk, advertising is harder to sell. As Internet readership grows, journalists can expect job opportunities to go down.

>Computer Operators: With hike in technology and development, the need for computer operators have declined a lot. In the present era, almost everyone is equipped with sufficient computer knowledge. As per latest report, the number of computer operator jobs would decline by a depressing 8.6% by 2020.

>Postmasters and Mail Superintendents: Post office lumbered with record losses for long years now. Fewer post office openings and operating hours mean the Postal Service won’t need many postmasters and mail superintendents to run the office.

>Cashiers: After contactless payments, Google Pay and even cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin becoming protuberant within mainstream society, one thing is for sure that the requirement for people to handle the payments is no more. The demise of the cashier seems foreseeable.

>Textile Workers: The diminishing number of employees in the textiles industry is not due to the lack of demand for products, but rather how exactly they are made. Since with machines now performing a lot of the engineering and production work, there are less and less opportunities for unskilled workers.

So, start making some productive choices and start a stable job with a better future.


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