There is absolutely zilch the mighty chickpea can’t do. Chickpeas are treasured around the globe, and it makes sense—since they’re wedge full of protein, fiber, folic acid, and manganese, these beans are nutritional overachievers. It is very important that we make use of Chickpeas to most of our benefits in a healthy manner.

Therefore we have 5 new and healthy ways to use chickpeas.

> Snacks and Appetizers: One can cook and bake sandwiches and soups using chickpeas. You’d never believe that any appetizer so smooth is vegan—but that’s the magic of garbanzos. In the decked-out version of the quintessential cold-weather dish, chickpeas provide the velvety texture usually created by heavy cream.

> Hearty Meals: Even the main plates that we consume during our hearty meals using chickpeas can get you a lot of protein and nutrition. In your main dish, you can have ‘Shiitake Green Garbanzo Patties’ or ‘Risotto with Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms, and Chickpeas’ to fill your stomach with a healthy meal.

> Bars, Cakes, and Sweets: Do you want to regulate blood sugar with dessert? The fiber and protein from the chickpeas in these creamy, bite-sized treats make it possible. The chickpea and cashew butter base are sweetened with maple syrup, dunked in dark chocolate, and topped with cacao nibs make one of the healthiest desserts.

> Cookies and Cookie Dough: Meet your new go-to chickpea recipe, if gargantuan novelty cookies are your weakness. It’s a crispy-on-the-edges, chewy-on-the-inside, oozing-with-chocolate, deep-dish pizza cookie that you will not believe contains almost a cup of chickpeas.

> Salads: Protein-rich chickpeas are always a good idea for bulking up simple salads, but don’t forget that they’re really great on their own.

So, above are the new ways to use chickpeas in your daily eating regime.


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