We all have a few bad habits, habits that harm our health, or are just plain irritating. But there are a few habits that a large percentage of women have, without ever realizing that these habits are damaging for them. Here are a few:

1. High Heels: Who doesn’t love the sexy look of a high heeled peeptoe? But hey, it comes with a price, and you pay that price every day you wear the sexy shoes. The price is a damaged spine and backache. Try to wear the sexy shoes only on very special ocassions.

2. Heavy Bags: Most women go around everywhere carrying a large bag of some sort, which is supposed to contain a solution to all their problems and needs. Again, bad for the back! Do you really need all those things in your bag?

3. Wong Brasierre: Most women wear an ill-fitting bra throughout their lives, just because they don’t know any better! Go to a proper store and allow a fitting consultant to help you find your right size.

4. Poor Nutrition: Most women are forever on a diet. Imagine what this means for health and nutrition! Constant dieting means goes on a binge every now and then. Emotional eating, eating disorders etc all make women prey to poor nutrition.

5. Too Much Makeup: Wearing makeup all the time means you never give your skin any chance to breathe. Even worse is the very common habit of going to bed in the night without removing the makeup! Give your skin a little time out!

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