There is hardly anyone who is not using WhatsApp app in their daily life routine. WhatsApp is now the new generation in-touch tool that brings connectivity and longevity among the users. It has been years since WhatsApp first launched in the Indian market and captured the social media platform of interactions among the larger group of people. The app almost provides every possible way to be connected with your contacts. Recently various new features are also introduced in the app like video calling, uploading GIF file, making a digital call for free, etc. that is making this app one among the top ten apps used by world masses in general.

The features that WhatsApp provide is almost making us feel like we never lost memories because we always create them while chatting. We think we almost know all the features of WhatsApp but here, are some of the not-so-obvious WhatsApp features that you may not be aware of, but will find useful.

1)  Two-factor authentication: WhatsApp makes security the first aspect when it comes to the users. By enabling two-factor authentication, it protects users from various fraudulent behavior, as it will ask to set a six digit passcode to re-verify your account.

2) Reply to a specific message in a group chat: In WhatsApp conversations, press and hold on a particular line of text, and hit the backward arrow button that appears on top on Android. This enables to reply to a specific message in a group chat.

3)  Find out who’s read your message in a group chat: Press and hold the message and hit the ‘i’ button on the top on your phone. Here, you’ll get to see how many people from the WhatsApp group have read your message.

4)  Listen to voice messages discreetly: In case, if you don’t want to listen to WhatsApp voice messages in public just hit the ‘Play’ button and put the phone to your ear – it will automatically switch from speakerphone to the earpiece and play the WhatsApp voice message back there.

Isn’t the features fascinating?

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