Enough has been said about how cheating affects couples. We know it breaks up relationships and is the number 1 reason for divorce world over. But why do people cheat? Why, when they know the consequences?

There are 4 main reasons why people cheat.

1. Unahappiness in relationship. If a person is unhappy or dissatisfied in a relationship, it seems an easy way out to cheat and find happiness elsewhere. This is what happens to people who are in long term relationships. Free communication between partners is the only way to prevent this. 

2. Selfishness is another reason! Some people are just plain selfish. They do not worry about how their actions will affect their partner or even kids. Such people start cheating very early on in the relationship.

3. Some people re just Narcissists. They need adulation from everyone. They have an innate need to be loved and adored. Love of their partner only is not enough. They don’t empathize with other people so they are unaware of how their actions affect their partner.

4. For some, it is a confidence boost! This is true especially in midle age. Being able to cheat on their partner with a younger and better looking person gives them a boost of confidence. They need to know that they are still good enough and attractive enough for other people.

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