Cow’s milk is gradually seeing a decline in consumption all over the world. Some poeple are giving up on it due to medical reasons, some people are doing it for ethical reasons and some poeple are doing it for better health and fitness. But in our desi diet, cow’s ilk is such an integral part that we just can’t imagine living without it! Having said that, if you are really considering going vegan, there are many alternatives in the markets that you can consider. One of these milk alternatives is almond milk.

Almond milk is NOT the regular badam milk that we love to devour at restaurants. The almond milk we are talking about is a drink made completely from almonds – there is no real milk (cow’s) in it. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Almond Milk

– Almond milk is a great drink if you are trying to lose weight. While a cup of regular milk has 129 calories, a cup of almond milk has just 30. If you enjoy drinking milk, this is a huge difference!

– Switching to almond milk is better for the environment. Cows require a lot of water for upkeep and also release methane in the environment. 

– You must have heard how cows are treated in dairy farms. They are made to reproduce again and again to increase productivity, and their calfs are taken away from them each time. They are fed loads of hormones to increase production and as soon as they do not produce enough milk, they are taken to the slaughterhouse. Switching to almond milk is simply more HUMANE.

Do you need another reason?

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