What do you think is the crime of this 15 year girl for which she has been punished so severely?

Sahar Gul has been held captive in the basement of her in laws house for the last 6 months. During this time, she was tortured severely just because she refused to enter prostitution. Her in laws tortured her with hot iron, broke her fingers, tore out her nails and abused her in various other ways to get her to agree to their proposal of selling herself for money. Last Wednesday the police raided their house after Gul’s uncle filed a complaint.

Horrific pictures and videos of Gul’s broken and bloody body have affected people all over the world. The Afghani government has shown intent of taking this matter seriously. A warrant has been issued against the girl’s husband and her in laws have been arrested. A commission has been set up to investigate into the crime. It is such a shame that even today women are treated with such disrespect and lack of humanity.


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