1. The India economy was never this strong. Our economy is growing, and how! Many American Indians, especially the techies, are coming back to India. So why shouldn’t you stay here?

2. If you immigrate to a different country, you have to forget all about your parents. You can meet them, perhaps once in 4-6 years, at weddings or funerals.

3. You won’t have a hard time teaching your kids the Indian culture and value system. Most Indian parents in Western countries, find it difficult to do that as the kids are torn between two completely different societies.

4. You can hang out your clothes to dry in the balcony, or on the roof. Nobody will object to that. You can hire a servant, or a bai, to help you with chores. They are not too expensive here!

5. You never need to pay a baby sitter. Relatives and friends are just a shout (or a call) away. They’ll be more than happy to look after your kids while you go to the market.

6. You can burst as many crackers as you want on Divali, Eid, India-Pak Cricket Matches, Dushehra, New Year’s Eve, Weddings etc!

7. Vegetarianism is not difficult or expensive to practice in India. A Veg burger here means a veg burger and not a chicken burger!!! Your favorite food stuffs are easily available and are very cheap. Pani-Poori is just 5 minutes away from anywhere, and it doesn’t cost a bomb.

8. There’s no need to worry about racism if you stay in India, and all your Indian qualifications are recognized here. Even your 3-year degrees!

9. India has such a beautiful climate. You have access to all the weathers and yet there is a sense of balance. It is never too cold or too hot to enjoy life.

10. Lastly, you don’t need to worry about the declining rate of the mighty dollar against the humble rupee.

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