Zarine Khan was not always as hot as looks in “Character Dheela Hai”. This hot babe was FAT not very long ago. Check out her “before” and “after” photos and you will be amazed by this amazing transformation!

Zarine never aimed to be aan actor, she aspired to be a doctor. This is why she never paid much attention to her looks and diet. “I was so laid-back. I didn’t care about my weight, although people repeatedly asked me to watch it. I thought that it really wouldn’t matter how I looked if I were a doctor. 

This was when Zarine weighed a 100 kilos! Sadly, she couldn’t make it to her dreams of becoming a doctor and decided she wanted to be a model. High hopes, right? But Zarine had a very strong willpower and managed to do what you might call the un-doable! “I just developed a strong will power which helped me curb my food cravings and be regular with my walks. In turn, it motivated me to push myself further.”

How Zarine maintains this weight loss is hard work! She does Pilates, Weight Training and Yoga religiously. She also eats every two hours to boost her metbolism.

Can you do what Zarine has managed to do?

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