You are cosy in your relationship with your partner and both of you are now comfortable with each other. But weight..(pun intended)! Did you last check it? Believe it or not, being in a cosy and comfortable relationship with your man can lead to disastorous consequences for your weight. Memsaab brings to you the reasons behind this as well as how to avoid unnecessary weight gain. Read on…

1. Dining out often – When we are in a relationship, those candlelight dinners and romantic getaways become quite-too-often. We do not realize, but the food that we eat at such dates is often calorie rich. Top it up with that lovey-dovey dessert and your weight goes for a toss! Instead try to cook a romantic meal at home. Would do wonders for your relationship as well as your weight!

2. Calorie counting takes a back seat – A man consumes more calories than a woman and even burns these calories faster. What a woman does not realise is that while a man can burn off the extra calories consumed while having that extra piece of pizza; for a woman, it would take much more to burn off the same calories. So be very careful when dining with your man and always remember – You are not participating in a contest with your man as to “Who eats more”? Cut back on calorie rich food and say a firm no to the extra helping of pizza or whatever you may have ordered.

3. One rotten apple spoils the entire lot – You may wonder what does this age old saying have to do with your weight gain? Actually, if you are in a relationship with a man who loves junk food, dining out, not exercising often, you may not realise but you may have caught his bad habits. So if you are in a relationship with such a man, start taking corrective steps right away and instead be the one to change him.

4. Alcohol consumption – We may not realize, but often during weekends, in a bid to get close and uninhibited, partners indulge in excess alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption can have disastorous consequences on your weight and often leads to weight gain. Avoiding alcohol consumption is the only way out.

5. Have gotten into the comfort zone – After sometime in a relationship, partners take each other for granted and no longer feel the need to impress each other. This also affects their exercise habits, eating habits and they tend to go easy on these things. Consequence – weight gain, unflattering looks, etc. You need to keep your weight under control not just to impress your man, but to be healthy and live a good life as well. Remember this, eat sensibly and exercise wisely.

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