Never before in the history of makind there has been such poor eye health globally. The number of little children wearing glasses today far exceeds the number of spectacled children we saw two decades previously. People who do not wear glasses suffer from other ailments like dry eyes etc. Why is eye health becoming poorer with every passing year? Most of the discredit for this goes to the rising use of technology. We have more screens and less playgrounds today, more fast food and less nutrition today! The result is children with bad eyes!

TLC for Your Eyes

Here are a few tips on how to take good care of your eyes – your personal windows into the world. These tips will also be useful for the other members of your family.

– Too much screen time is the very first cause for concerns when it comes to eye health. Most jobs today involve peering into a screen all day long. Then people go home and spend time with their phones, reading jokes and chilling out with virtual or real friends online. This excessive use of screens strains your eyes beyond repair. The first thing to do is to work towards reducing your screen time. Next thing you can try is wear anti glare glasses whenever you are working at a screen. The third things you should try is taking little periods of rest (5 minutes) after every hour of working at your computer. Blink your eyes, do a few neck rotations and then go back to work. These tips will help in reducing the negative effects of your screen time.

– If you experience persistent headaches, it should not be ignored. This could be a problem with your vision and you should visit an optometerist asap.

– Dry eyes is another common concern, especially amongst people who work in corporate jobs. Working at a computer reduces blinking to almost 1/5th of the normal. This leads to dry eyes. Our modern air conditioned environment also leads to dry eyes. If you suffer from itchy and dry eyes, buy some artificial tears and fix the problem.

– Wearing contact lenses becomes a problem when you fall into the habit of sleeping with the lenses on. Your lenses are not supposed to be worn while sleeping. Carelessness in this matter hurts your eyes. It is also important to discard your lenses when the manufacturer asks you to. Daily disposables should not be worn for more than a day. Similarly, monthly disposables should not be used for over a month.

– Avoid sleeping with your eye makeup on. Allow the skin to feel fresh and breathe while you sleep.

– Get plenty of eye friendly nutrition. Carrots are a superfood when it comes to healthy eyes. Other foods good for your eyes are green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, nuts and seeds, berries and citrus fruit.

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