The World Health Organisation has declared that Gaming Disorder is officially a mental illness. So if you always thought that it was not okay or natural for your 8 year old to be spending so much time playing computer games, you were right!

Though it is okay to spend a little time playing these games, but it is a problem when your child (or you) becomes obsessed with them. So how to identify when your child has crossed over from entertainment to mental health issue?

Is Your Child Suffering From Gaming Disorder?

Yes, if…

– She or he is spending so much time gaming that other important activities like playing with real friends, social gatherings etc are being compromised.

– She or he is so addicted that they can’t stop gaming even when they know negative consequences will follow.

– She or he is unable to get a proper night’s sleep, therey affecting next day’s activities.

– She or he wants to be left alone all the time.

– This has been going on for over a year and your child shows no signs of getting bored or of reducing the intensity or frequency of gaming.

If this sounds like your child, you should probably seek help from a counsellor. This is certainly not a healthy way of life for children!

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Lavanya Mehra


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