The whole country seems to be inundated with lashing rains and water logging. Though it is certainly scary and dangerous, there is another aspect of monsoons we all love. The rains make everything lovely and beautiful. When clouds surround us, when the rain Gods smile, when it gets a little chilly – the one thing all Indians crave is Chai and Pakoras! 

But as our country became fatter, we also became more diet conscious. We avoid tea as the sugar is not good for us. We certainly run away from even the thought of fried snacks like pakoras and samosas! Right?

It is time to rejoice! Finally here is a dietician who recommends that you enjoy your chai and pakoras on a chilly monsoon evening. Rujuta Diwekar, who is the celebrity dietician and nutritionist to many stars including Kareena Kapoor Khan, is well known for debunking common diet myths. In a recent post, Rujuta has clarified that each season has speciality items. For monsoon, the speciality items are fried snacks like bhajiyas. She says that fat is essential for Vitamin D to be absorbed by the body. So pakoras can be eaten guilt free! She does mention that the best oil to fry your fritters is filtered coconut, mustard or groundnut. Se also suggests that the oil should not be reused for cooking. So as long as you fry your own pakoras in clean healthy oil recommended by nutritionists (and don’t reuse this oil), you can enjoy your chai with bhajias as you watch the rain splash your windows!

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Lavanya Mehra


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