Winter, at least in india, is a lovely season that is cheerful and colourful. It is time to rejoice after the harsh summers. But so very often people just pass the whole winter staying cocooned inside a blanket. Why? Leave the hibernation to the reptiles! Memsaab brings you a few tips on how to avoid being lazy this winter.

How to Stay Active This Winter

1. Don’t be lonely. Being alone will only worsen any blue moods you might have.

2. Find a fitness buddy. What better to keep you motivated than someone who needs to lose a few kilos herself?

3. Buy new fitness gear! Women enjoy shopping, right? So buy new fitness wear and you’l dfinitely want to be showing it off!

4. Take up a sport. Gymming is fine, but it takes up a lot of motivation. A group sport, on the other hand, is an enjoyable activity that you might look forward to.

5. Set some goals this winter. Instead of waiting for the summer to kickstart your triming down, promise yourself that you will welcome the summer in a slimmer avtaar!

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Lavanya Mehra


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