Today is World Vegan Day. If you have ever considered turning Vegan, this is the day to consider it seriously!

Most people who have ever thought of going Vegan are scared of a diet without milk. Milk is certainly an inherent part of our food and culture. How can one abstain from it? No dahi, no paneer, no butter, no cheese! No mouth-smacking sweets, no ice cream and no bakery products! It does sound rather scary.

Tips to go Vegan

1. Find alternatives. You need to find an alternative for the foods you think you will miss the most. If it is paneer you might miss, go for tofu. Similarly, if it is egg cury you love, try making a similar curry with mushrooms.

2. Keep up with the protein. Do not forget you need to add protein to your vegan diet. Soy products, beans, almonds etc should all be made a part of daily diet.

3. Do not buy vegan-friendly products in the stores. Most such snacks and items are high in calories and not so high on nutrition. Make your own snack options with things like roasted soy, veggie sticks, nuts, seeds etc.

4. Eat fresh prouce. Stock your fridge with fresh vegetables and fruit. Colorful produce will help in keeping your spirits up and also interested in preparing your vegan meals!

5. Get help! There are lots of recipes for vegans to try. Look up new recipes and treat yourself to new food items regularly. There is a lot that you did not even think of in the vegan world!

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Lavanya Mehra


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