Today (April 7, 2009) is being celebrated as the World Health Day all over the world. Nationally, and globally, we are still far off the target of “good health for all”. Medical science may be evolving and improvising by leaps and bounds, human beings have yet to find the cure for a common cold!

What are the most important health issues that threaten women globally? You will be surprised to know the answers…


Like it or not, fat is the problem number 1 for most women. Unfortunately, obesity is linked with a wide array of illnesses, thereby threatening the health of women in multiple ways.


Statistics say that 1 in every 4 women in India is suffering from the PolyCystic Ovarian Disease. This is a condition where women have symptoms like irregular periods, excess body/facial hair, ovulation problems, obesity etc. If unchecked, PCOD can take huge proportions.


Due to PCOD and many other factors like blocked tubes, anovulation, inhospitable uterine environment etc, infertility is on the rise. Female infertility coupled with late marriages, has led to a major rise in demand for adoption.

Breast Cancer

Of all the cancers, this one is the most rampant amongst women. It is the silent killer that attacks unsuspecting women over 40. Usually it is detected too late for complete cure. Medical experts advise women over 40 to do a self test every month to detect lumps in breasts and underarms. Early detection multiplies the chances of complete cure.


Women are highly prone to loss of Calcium due to dissolving of bones. Women over 40 are most prone to Osteoporosis and need to take regular Calcium supplements and Vitamin D to maintain their bone density and health.


Menopause is not really a disease, but the symptoms are really annoying. From hot flashes to headaches to mood swings, menopause disturbs a woman’s body, mind and soul. The hormonal changes disrupt the body’s equilibrium, and women feel helpless in coping with it. It is advisable to come up with strategies to deal with menopause. Yoga and meditation are known to help in alleviating the symptoms and relaxing the body, mind and soul.

Apart from these, miscarriages, uterine fibroids, vaginal infections, urinary infections etc are also very common health issues amongst women. If you suffer from any of these health problems, you must consult an experienced gynecologist to get the problem diagnosed properly before starting the treatment.

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