It’s International Women’s Day today and world over discussions are being held on how to improve our lot. Most articles on women deal with the depressing part of being a woman. They talk of the pain, the sacrifices, the wounds and the violence that being a woman entails, at times. But what about the fun part of being a woman?

So, what the heck! We should be looking at the positives today. There are numerous advantages to being a woman. Find that hard to believe? Read on and you’ll find yourself cheerfully nodding away…

• We can express our emotions without being labeled “gay”.

• We can weep our hearts out, (and expect a shoulder to cry on) while poor guys have to pretend that something got in their eye.

• We can watch a daily soap without people looking at us with scornful eyes.

• If we don’t like cricket, we can say so.

• Even if we are not blessed in the “looks” department, pretty clothes and make-up can hide that.

• It’s much easier to hitch hike coz almost everyone will stop for us.

• We can hug other women without worrying about being called gay.

• Just look at all that variety of clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories and cosmetics that we have. What do men have?

• We can get out of most worrisome of situations just by turning on the waterworks!

• We get to be “moms”. Need I say more on this?

• We don’t have to use foul language to prove our femininity or to be accepted amongst peers.

• We can pamper ourselves with a whole day at the salon, without being called “gay”.

• We don’t have to hide our stash of gossip magazines.

• Even if we are dumb, a hot body or a pretty face can pretty much make up for it.

• We can wrap the men around our little finger and make them dance to our tunes.

• We don’t go bald.

• We just need to worry about our future till we get a husband. While the men never worry about their future till they get a wife.

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