One thing that is common in all obese people is that they would all like to lose weight and be slim and sexy! All of them think their life would be a lot better and they would be happier if they somehow became slimmer. But is it true?

A recent research study conducted at the UCL and published in Plos One journal arrived at a different conclusion. The project studied a group of 1979 obese and overweight people who were trying to lose weight. Of these almost 14% lost more than 5% of their body weight. The average weight loss came out to be 6.8 kilos over a period of 4 years. The results were quite unbelievable. Though the poeple who lost all this weight were significantly more healthy than before, the same could not be said about their physical state of mind. 

The poeple who lost weight were 52% more likley to be depressed! So how did losing weight trranslate into depression and mood swings? Any ideas? Please share your ideas and comments in the section below.

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