You must have observed that very often men pre-decease their wives. It is generally accepted that women outlive men. Why is this so? Have you ever wondered?

It is well known that men have higher metabolic rates as compared to women. Experts say this is one reason why they wear out more quickly i.e. age faster.

It is well known that men are risk takers and women are less risk prone. This risk taking often lands our men in dangerous situations. Even drinking excess alcohol/smoking is a type of risk taking.

As they reach their late 40s or early 50s, men experience a decline in testosterone. This change in hormones results in an increase in bad cholestrol and a decrease in the good cholestrol. You can easily imagine what that would do to their health and life expectancy.

Women have a natural anti-ageing hormone – the estrogen. It gets rid of the free radicals in our body and helps us in beating the years till menopause.

Generally, women suffer from diseases that affect quality of life. Some examples are Diabetes, Arthristis, Osteoporosis etc. But men suffer from diseases that are life threatening, for example heart disease.

These are a few ways in which our health and life expectancy differs from that of the men in our lives!

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