Whenever a summer begins, people worry about 2 things – power cuts and mosquitoes! The government has taken many steps to improve the power sector and power cuts have reduced drastically all over the country. This leaves us with one thing to worry about – mosquitoes. Do you sometimes feel that all mosquitoes love to bite you…and you only?

Many old ladies might say that your blood is sweeter, that is what makes you a mosquito magnet. But is it true?

Why are You More Attractive to Mosquitoes?

– Amount of Carbon Dioxide you release into the atmosphere is an attraction for mosquitoes. It is known that pregnant women release more CO2 into the air, this is why mosquitoes swarm up to them more than others.

– If you are sweating, your bodily smell also attracts these irritating insects.

– You have blood type O.

– You are more allergic to the bites, so it seems worse than it actually is!

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Lavanya Mehra


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