The French are known to be the most gorgeous and most fashionable people. They are also known to be connoisseurs of good food. Yet, they are generally so slim and sexy! How? Women all over the world want to know why the French womn are so slim and so Memsaab brings you a few things that might give you the explanation.

The French are so slim and sexy because:

1. They eat less. They eat a lot of things and are known to be connoisseurs of good food and wine. But they eat less because they serve tiny portions, around half or one quarter of what you probably have. 

2. They avoid dairy products. The coffee is also had sans milk or cream. They do love cheese and probably have it very regularly, but the daily intake is less than 40 g. Portion control, again!

3. They do not follow fad diets. Instead, they enjoy every dish they are served, even if it is a fatty or fried one. They eat their meals with full enjoyment, savouring every bite and every sip. They do not hurry through the meals, they rather treat a meal as a social event, enoying it to the limit. Since they eat slowly,  it is easier to practice their ‘portion control’.

4. The French  use pure olive oil, avoid salt, and use garlic or black pepper to season their food.

5. The biggest meal of the day for the French is the lunch, They usually eat well and follow the lunch up with coffee. This leaves them feeling full till the end of the day, so the dinner is usually a light event. They also do not indulge in mindless snacking like us!

6. The French are more active, more open to physical activity like walking, climbing the stairs, swimming etc. They do not merely rely on the gym to give them a workout, they generally adopt an active lifestyle that helps in burning calories.




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Lavanya Mehra


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