Do you find yourself asking this question?

If you have ever tried to lose weight, you must have stumbled a plateau at least once. Any weight loss journey begins with great passion and results. But with time, the passion wavers and the results diminish. This is called a plateau. This is when you need to revise your strategy or make some changes simply because what you are doing is not working any more. The human body is really intelligent and resilient. With time, it can become accustomed to anything – low calorie intake or high calorie expense. The body adjusts and this is why your weight loss efforts stop yielding efforts after a certain time. This is when you wonder, why am I not losing weight?

Here are a few reasons and a few things you might want to try.

  • You are doing the same thing over and over. Your body has adapted to whatever you are doing. So if you wish to lose more weight, you need to shake things up. Try a new exercise routine or a different way to eating.
  • You work out a lot but do not restrict your calories. For sustained weight loss, you need to do both simultaneously.
  • You forget about the occasional snack when you count calories. Sure it is ok to eat a vada-pav once in a while. But if you are doing it twice a week, it will affect your efforts and results.
  • You are getting most of your calories from carbohydrates. You do not have to delete carbs from your diet, but they should not be the backbone of what you eat. Your food should include a good amount of protein and healthy fats along with vegetables and some form of carbs.
  • You are drinking your calories. If you fix this one, you will see huge change. Omit all sugary rinks from your diet for quick result.

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