Babita has been on a diet for around 4 months, but without much to show for it. She has restricted her calories, watches what she eats, even goes for a walk daily, but she has failed to lose much weight. It has been so disappointing that she is on the verge of giving up.

If you are in a similar situation, here are a few things to consider before you give up on your efforts to lose weight.

1. Do you get enough sleep? Not getting enough sleep leads to weight gain!

2. Do you drink enough water? Water is your best friend in attempting to lose weight.

3. Are you estimates of calorie intake realistic? Often we are misguided and start believing things which are untrue.

4. Do you eat too much of the healthy foods? Often we tend to overeat without guilt when we are munching on something that’s considered healthy.

5. Lastly, do you suffer from a medical condition like PCOS or Insulin Resistance or hypothyroidism? If your weight loss efforts persist to fail, you should get a medical opinion to see if you are troubled with any of such issues.

Losing weight is often more difficult for some people vis-a-vis others. But this should not stop you from trying again and again till you get to your ideal weight. Right eating, regular exercise, and medical help where required will definitely take you towards your weight loss goals if you persist.

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