We all feel a sense of desperation and frustration every now and then in our lives. We all face situations where we feel totally out of control and experience emotional highs and lows. But when do you know that this is not just a temporary low you are facing? When do you seek help from a professional?

You Need Help if…

– You can’t shake the feeling of everything breaking apart. The feeling is common, but if you have been feeling like this for months, you need help.

– You find yourself making a scene in public. This obviously shows you are not in control of your own feelings, emotions and behaviour.

– Your friends and family are trying to talk sense into you. If you find multiple people trying to sit down and have a talk with you about your life, tere is possibly something to it.

– You can’t commit to a job or to a relationship. Changing either of these every few months is a cause for concern.

– You often think of disappearing without saying goodbye to anyone. This means your problems are so big in your head that you wish to run away.

– You find yourself abusing alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. If you cannot get through even one day without these things, you definitely need help quickly.

– You are falling into debt because you can’t hold your life together.

– You are getting too aggressive, or so say your friends and family!

If either of these applies to you, it would be a good idea to see a psychologist for help. None of these is your fault, and with help you can deal with all of these issues!

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