Hypertension can be a silent propellent towards heart didease and stroke. The problem with Hypertension is that there are no major symptoms. People with very high Blood Pressure may also not realize it because there are no symptoms. So how is Hypertension diagnosed?

Experts suggest that you should see a doctor and ask for a professional Blood Pressure reading once every 2 years after you turn 18. You should request the reading to be taken in both arms so that you know if there is any difference.

After you turn 40, you should have your BP reading taken by a doctor every year. This frequency of blood pressure readings is good enough to warn you if there is any change in the BP readings. If diagnosed with Hypertension, your doctor will advise you to come for more regular checkups. 

The only way to diagnose Hypertension is to regularly monitor your BP all your adult life.

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