Another new diet is catching on with folks! This is called the Volumetrics Diet. This diet is liked for the fact that it keeps you nourished and full as you go through it, while helping you lose weight.

What is the Volumetrics Diet?

The Volumetric diet is not meant to be a time bound diet plan. It is supposed to be a healthier approach to eating, which shuld be used life long for improved health. The diet focuses on energy density of various foods. So all food items are divided into 4 categories.

1. Very Low Density Foods are non startchy fruit and vegetables, low fat dairy and clear soups.

2. Low Density Foods include starchy fruit and vegetables, grains, pulses and legumes and low fat meat.

3. Medium Density Foods include meat, cheese, French fries, pizza, ice cream and cake.

4. High Density Foods include nuts, butter, chips, candies, crackers and oil. 

The Volumetrics diet advises that our food should largely consist of categories 1 and 2. We should include a little of category 3 in our diet, but category 4 is best avoided. When making food choices, if you swap a category 4 food with a food item from another category, it is a healthy swap!

The idea behind this diet is to include foods with high water content in your diet. These foods like fruit and vegetables provide you nourishment and fill you up without piling on too many calories. Compare this with a category 4 item like candy. These items are drier and have less volume. They do nothing to fill you up but add a lot of calories when consumed. So to become healthier and to lose weight, we need to focus our diets on the first 2 categories.

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Lavanya Mehra


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