Some people suffer from headaches to such a degree that their aches become an integral part of their lives. Most people don’t think much about what causes their headaches, but if your headaches keep recurring – you must try to identify the cause.

Common Causes Behind Nasty Headaches

1. Lifestyle factors like skipping meals, eating too less, eating too much processed food, not getting fresh air etc

2. Consumption of alcohol has also been linked with headaches.

3. Spending too much time in front of a screen is the biggest reason why even kids suffer from headaches in modern world!

4. Stress and tension are also one of the topmost reasons for splitting headches.

5. Underlying diseases can also manifest as headaches. Some examples are tumour, sinus infection, ear infection, stroke, etc

How to Fix Your Headaches

Unless there is an underlying medical condition, you can manage your headaches yourself.

– For a quick fix, pop a pill. Common pain medications are sold over the counter and re quite good at the job of making your pain go away!

– If pills are not your thing, try to relax in a cool dark place. Meditation is really helpful here!

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Lavanya Mehra


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