We always hear the experts going gaga about the much hyped Mediterranean diet. What is this diet and what is so special about it?

Eating The Medeterranean Way

A typical Mediterranean diet includes ALL food groups. There is high consumption of fruit, vegetables, cereals, nuts, seeds and oil. The Meds love to eat and they DO NOT leave out any food type like the rest of us. So there are no fad diets that cut out carbs or fats or proteins.
Olive oil is a major constituent of this diet and gives the healthy monounsaturated fats, besides the nuts and seeds. Red meat is eaten in moderation and poultry is relished along with fish and dairy products. Wine is consumed with meals for the rich supply of antioxidants.

Why The Medetarranean Diet Is Good?

-The best thing about this diet is that it is made from fresh and pure ingredients. People rarely microwave pre-cooked food. Most people buy fresh produce from the market and cook their meals just before they plan to eat.

-The Meds love to eat and rarely is a meal hurried or rushed. Food is enjoyed with friends and family and is eaten in peace and with joy. There is no TV to distract one into overeating. People eat together to everyone is conscious of how much or how fast they are eating.

-Olive oil plays a big part in making this diet so wonderful. Olive oil far supersedes the health benefits of any other oil. The Meds use it in cooking, for salads and also for dips.

-Red wine is included with meals and it is a great source of rich antioxidants. It also keeps the heart healthy, unlike other brews which are rather bad for health.

-Since all the food groups are eaten in moderation, the diet is completely balanced and provides great nutrition without overdoing anything.

So if you wish to lose weight or simply be healthier, try to adopt a Medeterranean way of eating and you might experience great benefits.

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